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Ferdinand Roybet

La Grimace, profil d’homme
18" x 15"
oil on canvas

Ferdinand Roybet was born in Uzès (Gard) April 12, 1840 and died in Paris April 10, 1920. He is considered a portrait and genre painter from the French school. Roybet was also an engraver.

Roybet received his first training as a print maker at the Academy in Lyon, France. He then traveled to Paris to study with Jean Vibert (1840-1902) at the Beaux-Arts Academie.

In 1865, Roybet debuted at the Salon des Champs-Elysèes with two small watercolors. In the Salon of 1866, he exhibited “Unfoursous Henri III” which was purchased by Princess Mathilde. This solidified his career and future as a genre painter. Roybet’s small costume paintings of Musketeers and handsome gentleman became sought after by collectors.

In 1871, Ferdinand Roybet traveled to Holland to study and paint in the museums. During this period, Roybet developed his skills by painting numerous Rembrandt and Franz Hals copies.

At the 1892 Salon, Roybet exhibited “Juana Romani” and “Propos galants” which was purchased by M. Mac Leod for 100,000fr. He won a Mèdaille d’honneur at the Expositions Universelles d’Anvers in 1894 for the work “Charles le Tèmèraire à Nesles.” In 1893, he won the Mèdaille d’honneur and was appointed Chevalier de la Lègion d’honneur.

Source of artist biography: Roughton Galleries

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